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Are you looking for the opportunity to create strong passive income in the exploding CBD market? According to a May 20, 2019 article by Forbes, the U.S. CBD market is projected to grow from $1 billion to $20 billion by 2024.

Passive CBD Vending has identified a very powerful entry point in this emerging market that allows you to quickly leverage incredible income potential.

We’ve put together an absolutely unbeatable combination of state of the art vending distribution technology and wholesale CBD product pricing that provides a very affordable and profitable turnkey business opportunity. Couple this with a wide open market and our guaranteed high traffic placement, and you’ve got the opportunity of a lifetime.

Everyone who has an interest in this market is still jockeying for position. Those who are first to place these machines in the best high traffic areas will undoubtedly reap the rewards. Can you imagine a few of your CBD vending machines in an airport, mall, university, convenience store, etc? Our business provides GUARANTEED PLACEMENT for you. You can now leverage this unique business model incorporating a passive 24/7 distribution system coupled with high profit margins, so don’t hesitate…

$20 Billion

Projected Market

All 50 States


Endless Market


Income opportunity

Our affordable and accessible price point will allow you to leverage multiple distribution locations with high profit margins. Our unique business model includes everything you will need to achieve sustainable and scalable success in the CBD market. Our offering includes:

State of the art smart vending machines

Climate controlled and extremely secure – these machines are built like tanks to protect your inventory

49” Interactive Touch Screen that provides a rich and compelling educational and purchasing experience

High quality custom vinyl wrap


Payment processing

Credit card and touchless payment system (ApplePay, etc.)

Merchant services included (No credit check!)

State compliant age verification scanner



Internet based smart inventory management

Monitor your cashflow and know when to restock in real time

Real time telemetry, analytics and reports so you can maximize your specific locations

Mobile app for on-the-go monitoring


And more!!!

Belt and elevator delivery system to protect the CBD products

Guaranteed placement in high traffic areas

Passive income

No credit checks

No franchise fees

Low startup cost

Very low overhead

Minimal time required to keep your machines stocked

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CBD Products

Through our exclusive licensing agreement you have access to CBD Zero’s extremely low wholesale pricing.

CBD Zero - grown in Colorado, concentrated medical grade, THC free, certified organic, and certified non-GMO with Certificates of Analysis. You cannot find a higher quality product on the market.

Wholesale Products Include


Tincture 300MG.



Fizzy Tabs


Body Lotion

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